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  1. Illustration showing lines separating into strands and becoming increasingly separated, meant to symbolize machine learning model drift

  2. Person celebrating with their arms raised while sitting in front of a computer for gaming

  3. Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring an illustrated character holding a phone and giving a verified business profile a five-star review.

  4. Two women sit in front of computer monitors doing annotation work.

  5. Illustration of a person on top of a mountain with a telescope, symbolizing a person looking to the future

  6. Monitor floating on digital background

  7. Photograph of Cape Town, South Africa at night

  8. Illustration of buildings meant to convey construction

  9. futuristic modern server room in the data center

  10. Illustration of a person and various graphs and scales symbolizing metrics, measurement and KPIs

  11. NelsonHall's NEAT Evaluation: Content Transformation overlaying a leafy plant.

  12. Illustration of a person sitting in front of a computer, wearing headphones and ready to offer player support

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