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  1. Illustration of two people combining shapes meant to symbolize the sharing of information that happens in knowledge management

  2. Abstract image evocative of outer space with the text "2024 trends"

  3. An illustration of a robot with icons around its head denoting the types of content that can be generated by AI, including, text, voice, video and code.

  4. Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring a character browsing an ecommerce website and pointing to a shirt with an eco-friendly tag

  5. customer considering her options with questions marks around her head

  6. Illustration of a person interacting with a robot; the robot has four arms and is holding screens with various icons, including settings cogs, stars, a question mark and a lightbulb — all meant to symbolize contact center automation

  7. Cover image from the TELUS International 2023 Sustainability and ESG Report depicting a group of people holding their hands in a circle around an illustration of a globe
    Research & Reports

  8. Illustration of a human hand and a robot hand giving a high five, as well as icons to convey online content and a web browser, all symbolizing content moderation and generative AI

  9. Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring an illustrated character speaking to a customer service agent over the phone, with a calendar in the background reading "2024".

  10. Two photographs edited together; one features two people looking at a tablet, while the other features a number of people typing on keyboards
    Research & Reports

  11. Illustration of a "Contact Us" form with fields for "name," "email," "message" and a "Submit" button, accompanied by a depiction of a customer service agent on a laptop and related customer service iconography

  12. Illustration of a robot meant to represent AI, an iceberg labeled as "AI BIAS" and some depictions meant to convey data

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