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  1. Illustration of two people shaking hands and two overlapping squares

  2. Illustration of consumer robotics including a butler, a chef and cat riding a robot vacuum.

  3. Photo of TELUS International team members in an office setting, gathered around laptop computers and taking written notes

  4. Illustration of a diverse group of people standing in front of a globe, meant to symbolize impact sourcing

  5. Grid displaying six different 3D avatars of different individuals

  6. A young woman wearing headphones sitting at a laptop computer smiling.

  7. Illustration showing hands holding a globe, a smartphone and a light bulb.

  8. Hour glass with sand falling

  9. 3D illustrations of various travel iconography

  10. Cloud icons on a blue background

  11. Illustration of electronic tablet displaying various accessibility settings

  12. Illustration of a pile of question marks, with one standing out in colour

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