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  1. Preview image of the brochure Fraud Detection and Prevention Solutions

  2. Illustration of laptop depicting a user profile, as well as some additional iconography like a shield and lock to convey safety

  3. video game controllers

  4. An illustrated representation of customer profiles and leaving a five-star review online.

  5. Preview image of the brochure Adaptable support for growing games companies

  6. 3D illustration of various symbols conveying online security, including a finger print and a shield

  7. Illustration of a hand holding a magnet on a laptop screen attracting people on their phones, meant to symbolize eCommerce pull marketing

  8. Image of computer screen with cloud on it

  9. Vault in the shape of a cloud meant to symbolize unlocking the full value of the cloud

  10. A piggy bank falling into a robot hand

  11. Illustration of a robot and human working together, symbolizing the future of content moderation

  12. Illustration of two hands connecting puzzle pieces

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