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  1. The number 23 springing out of a gift box surrounded by stars

  2. Photograph of the 'Reichstag' in Berlin, Germany

  3. Illustration of books, a scale, a person and various other items meant to symbolize content moderation regulation and legislation

  4. Happy customer support agents sitting at computers and speaking on headsets.

  5. Visualization meant to symbolize data classification

  6. An airplane pilot and a member of the cabin crew walking in an airport carrying luggage.

  7. Illustration of a money tree, meant to symbolize banking

  8. Three arrows: two hitting a wall, and one going over it, meant to symbolize the value of cross-vertical experience

  9. Illustration of people interacting with technology and emojis

  10. Image of man speaking into phone

  11. Stressed person hunched over a table, weighed down by symbols of travel, retail and expenses

  12. Illustration of a person speaking to a therapist or counsellor

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