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  1. 3D illustration of an arrow that looks like an upward trend on a line chart

  2. A woman warehouse worker wearing a hard hat looking at a tablet.
    Case Study

  3. Photograph of team members collaborating with the "TELUS" logo in the background

  4. A professional woman looking down at a smart phone screen.
    Case Study

  5. Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring an illustrated character writing a list of goals on a bulletin board.

  6. Purple digitalized waves on black background.
    Case Study

  7. Research & Reports

  8. Application Support and Maintenance Professional Services brochure with greenery in the background.

  9. Fuel iX brochure with greenery in the background.

  10. Illustration of a person conducting music

  11. Illustration of a person with arms raised, suggesting uncertainty, and floating iconography meant to convey choices (different arrows and question marks).

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