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Enabling a global transportation giant to achieve its hyperautomation goals

Uncover how TELUS International’s digital automation solutions helped to drive efficiencies, improve customer resolutions and facilitate positive customer experiences for the client.

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approximate improvement in average handle time

increase in service quality as measured via PCS

The challenge

As one of the world’s top multinational corporations focused on transportation, ecommerce and business services, our client strives to deliver customer support that accurately reflects the efficiency and effectiveness of their solutions.

The client was looking to streamline their customer care operations by leveraging technology to cohesively blend their human and digital workforce. As an experienced and trusted partner, they turned to TELUS International to design, build and deliver an agent assist bot that could help simplify access to their extensive knowledge base and implement the supporting digital workforce management framework to optimize on their bots’ performance.

The TELUS International solution

After assessing the client’s specific requirements and their hyperautomation goals, TELUS International suggested the use of digital co-workers that could assist the company’s support team to easily access the information stored in its knowledge base. Using the intelligent TELUS International Assistant platform, an Agent Assist bot was built to effortlessly deliver relevant information to the customer care team from the more than 1,300 articles readily available.

In conjunction with the bot implementation, TELUS International’s unique Intelligent Insights platform was leveraged to manage the client’s digital workforce. Serving as a single Center of Excellence, the dashboard enables the client to track their digital operations in the same space to monitor effectiveness, deliver cost savings, utilize licenses and identify further opportunities for innovation.

Key features of our hyperautomation engagement include:

  • The automation of FAQs, routing conversations between agents and bots, collecting feedback at the end of the chat session and more
  • A platform agnostic tool, Intelligent Insights, that can be deployed across the leading digital automation solutions
  • Analytics and reporting to monitor bot performance and receive operational insights

The results

The intelligent TELUS International Assistant powered the client’s digital workforce, helping the business handle all customer interactions from simple to complex and improving the overall accuracy of the client’s responses. Our solution improved average handle time (AHT) by approximately 30% and resulted in an overall 7% increase in service quality as measured via post call survey (PCS). It also offered a single point of consultation for the client’s multiple knowledge bases.

Our Intelligent Insights platform provided ROI for each digital co-worker deployed in real time, enabling visibility into how well bots were running and indicating when to go offline for maintenance.

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