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Assembling a sophisticated cloud infrastructure for a successful telecom

Looking to reach new customers with affordable plans and additional services, our client sought help in building the technical infrastructure that would support their strategic initiatives. Learn more about TELUS International's work assembling an optimized cloud environment.

Illustration of various interconnected technology elements, meant to represent a sophisticated cloud environment
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reduction in bill-cycle process time

acceleration in time-to-market

The challenge

A large service provider of pay television and retail wireless services endeavored to transform their offering — and needed the technological foundation to underpin their success.

Our client acquired a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) in order to offer affordable mobile services to current and potential customers. While the acquired company was successful in their own right, there were incompatibilities between the existing technical infrastructure and what our client envisioned for the future. In particular, they needed to reimagine their operations support system (OSS) and billing support system (BSS).

The TELUS International solution

A configuration of numerous complementary Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies came together to create future-ready OSS/BSS infrastructure.

The OSS/BSS solution was implemented on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), providing scalable and flexible hosting for the application components.

For efficient order management and provisioning commands, the TELUS International team looked to AWS Simple Workflow (SWF). Regardless of complexity, this software is able to ensure proper sequencing of tasks and facilitate communication with external systems. And, as an additional benefit, SWF monitors task progress and manages tickets to maintain operational efficiency and reliability.

To asynchronously process provisioning commands, the infrastructure uses AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS). This software enables the decoupling of commands from processing systems, ensuring scalable and efficient processing through a publish/subscribe pattern.

CloudWatch, another AWS service, was used for monitoring. It offers a suite of tools to collect data, set alerts and gain insights into the performance and health of the deployed technology stack.

Further, our team leveraged AWS CloudFormation to enable automated stack deployment by defining infrastructure as code using templates. This streamlined the provisioning and management of the infrastructure for the application, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

The results

The optimized operations underline the value in leveraging sophisticated technologies and industry expertise to drive innovation. Our solution helped realize:

  • Significant end-customer improvements, including greater self-service functionalities for new plans and multiline accounts, the introduction of eSIM compatibility and enhanced account management capabilities
  • 70% reduction in bill-cycle process time 35% acceleration in time-to-market for new plans, new devices and eSIM activations
  • The successful attainment of system uptime and completion goals for key processes

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