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Executive survey results: Cloud migration

Uncover the key benefits, challenges and opportunities of cloud transformation in this one-minute white paper.

Man holding cloud with binary imagery in the background

Cloud migration and adoption continue to be at the forefront of conversations centered on digital transformation. The path to cloud transformation can be challenging, with many executives turning to technology partners for assistance.

TELUS International, in partnership with Pulse, surveyed technology leaders to find out where they are in their cloud journeys and how they plan to proceed in the coming year. Uncover key insights into the benefits, challenges and opportunities of cloud transformation.

This one-minute white paper reveals:

  • checkmarkThe key drivers of cloud migration
  • checkmarkHow a cloud-forward approach contributes to innovation
  • checkmarkCurrent and future threats to cloud expansion
  • checkmarkImportant traits in a cloud transformation partner

Up, up and away

Rise above cloud migration challenges with an understanding of insights from technology leaders.


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