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Optimizing an AWS cloud account for HI Canada

While Hostelling International Canada (HI Canada) has an established reputation for offering safe and affordable accommodations, they needed a partner like TELUS International to ensure their data was managed in the same way. Learn more about the challenge, the solution and the results.

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The challenge

As a not-for-profit, member-based organization, HI Canada deploys their resources efficiently — and their Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud environment is no exception. Prior to partnering with TELUS International, HI Canada did not have a managed services provider they could trust for optimization. They needed their environment to be cost-effective and secure. And, because the cloud can be complex, they sought a strategic partner whose reliability freed them up to focus on their customers and their network of hostels across Canada.

The TELUS International solution

Since HI Canada already had an AWS account, the solution was not to implement new technology, but to apply expertise in order to introduce efficiencies and added security.

In remediating the account, TELUS International conducted a thorough review of the environment's security, resulting in the removal of unnecessary access and the introduction of enhanced protocols for data recovery.

HI Canada also utilized TELUS International's managed services expertise to take ownership of the account. As a result, the TELUS International team continues to monitor and manage workloads, provide strategic recommendations and optimize cloud performance.

The results

In partnering with TELUS International, HI Canada benefits from:

  • Deep AWS knowledge in the TELUS International team, ensuring that the account is monitored for best practices and security risks
  • Ongoing reviews and regular communication to keep HI Canada well informed of the system's operation
  • Around-the-clock support for AWS related requests and issues
  • Patching, backup, monitoring (of both infrastructure and security) and reporting

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