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Upgrading a computing environment with TELUS International's Mainframe Cloud Services

Explore how TELUS International's Managed Cloud Services provided the client with greater flexilibity to support new lines of business as well as cost savings.

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savings on software, hardware and services

months for the migration to be completed

The challenge

Cloud computing involves the storing of data and applications on remote servers accessible via the internet. This process consists of highly optimized remote data centers that provide hardware, software and information resources. Mainframe cloud solutions allow organizations to benefit from their current infrastructure, while also giving them the ability to host their applications within the cloud.

Our client is a leader in comprehensive and authoritative legal, news and business information solutions. With operations in 100 countries and 13,000 employees worldwide, the company offers a comprehensive news database with more than 26,000 current and archived news sources. These include case studies, public records and financial reports covering professional services firms, governments, academics, not-for-profit entities and corporations.

Due to the size and scope of the business, the client experienced uncertainty around the financial viability and security of their current provider, as well as growing concerns with the incumbent’s ability to provide sufficiently skilled resources to support their IT environment. The client was looking to consolidate all mission-critical services to a single provider.

The TELUS International Mainframe Cloud Services

TELUS International was selected to support the client’s Canadian operation given our experience working with heterogeneous environments. As an experienced single provider for cloud managed services, TELUS International was viewed as a stable, strategic partner for this deployment with deep expertise and national presence.

Our Mainframe Cloud Services provide seamless integration and are built in compliance with the necessary industry requirements. We provide a managed environment, including operations management, performance monitoring and security features, such as hardening and patching. TELUS International Mainframe Cloud Services include complete project management and system migration services, and works as an all encompassing solution, operating through one provider.

Key features of our Mainframe Cloud Services:

  • Evergreen managed service with no capital costs, predictable monthly billing and flexibility to scale up/down
  • North America-based solution for data sovereignty
  • An assigned customer success manager to oversee operations and governance processes

The results

TELUS International Mainframe Cloud Services have provided the client with greater flexibility to support new lines of business and achieve cost savings over the past five years.

Project highlights include:

  • Migration completed in under three months
  • 24% savings over the customer’s original five-year plan for spend on software, hardware and services
  • A zLinux environment that integrates with AWS Cloud
  • Exceptional delivery of comprehensive management services
  • Joint security and administration responsibilities, enabling the client to retain more control over applications

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