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Processing vast amounts of Salesforce call data with intelligent automation solutions

Explore how TELUS International’s RPA as a Service (RPAaaS) solution enabled a technology client to quickly convert more than 60,000 Salesforce call data files into cloudstored PDFs for improved operational success.

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Salesforce call case files converted to PDF

FTE worth of operational expenses saved

The challenge

RPA solutions have long been touted as the answer to operational inefficiencies. Many companies are investing in intelligent automation to handle repetitive tasks, thereby allowing their employees the time and resources to tackle more complex, nuanced responsibilities. In fact, Research and Markets estimates that the global RPA market size will reach $25.66 billion by 2027, expanding at a CAGR of 40.6% over the forecast period.

Our client is a U.S.-based consumer electronics and fitness company that produces wireless-enabled wearable technology. The client needed their Salesforce files converted and stored in the cloud within a two-week window. With the typical hiring process for such a task requiring a minimum of three to four weeks, their team reached out to TELUS International to deliver a technology-based solution.

The TELUS International RPAaaS solution

TELUS International was selected as the chosen vendor for this project given our successful track record as the client’s trusted, digital customer experience partner for 10 years. After an initial discovery meeting and walkthrough of the client’s customer relationship management (CRM) infrastructure, TELUS International engaged its solutions team to design and implement an RPAaaS to take on the task.

Key features of our RPAaaS solution include:

  • 17 RPAaaS bots logged into Salesforce to convert the client’s files into PDFs
  • The bots ran 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • TELUS International’s integration with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enabled the bots to save the PDFs in the client’s Google Drive

The results

Working hand in hand with the client, TELUS International leveraged its full stack of design, build and deliver service capabilities to successfully transition and implement this very complex and operationally critical transformation project.

Over the entire engagement, 60,805 Salesforce call case files were converted to PDFs with zero defects, and 10-15 full-time equivalents worth of operational expenses were saved. Additionally, the project was completed successfully in just four days, well ahead of scheduled timelines.

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