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Managing a complicated network migration for a large telecom

A successful telecom migrated their entire customer base from one network to another with the help of TELUS International. Learn about the solution and the results.

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service disruptions during the migration process

reduction in billing-cycle processing time

acceleration in time-to-market

Making the move from one network to another, a telecom leveraged Enterprise Platform Services from TELUS International to meet technical requirements and exceed customer expectations.

The challenge

Our client, a large service provider of pay television and retail wireless services, was looking to increase their competitiveness by switching their mobile network operator (MNO). The process would require the migration of their entire customer base.

At a high level, the client needed to ensure network compatibility, manage customer data and overcome technical integration obstacles, all while maintaining a positive customer experience. Diving deeper, the migration necessitated the introduction of additional functionalities for customers; significant user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) customization; integration with numerous application programming interfaces (APIs); a robust logging and exception handling framework; and a complex porting process for account management.

The TELUS International solution

Recognizing the need for a modern, future-proof solution, the telecom brand sought out our Enterprise Platform Services.

Our team worked collaboratively to develop a solution to migrate mobile network operators, and in the process, improve available services, scalability and network management.

The sheer breadth of the challenge at hand prompted TELUS International to take an approach that established several "squads." This made it possible to apply specific subject matter expertise to each feature throughout the development process.

Different squads focused on different tasks:

  • Creating and implementing new mobility plans within the system
  • Configuring prices, rates and the online billing system
  • Building the orchestration layer, which enacts flows upon customer request submission
  • Enhancing the customer experience, refining UI/UX requirements and developing new flows for customer account management, purchases and activation
  • Preparing technical automated processes, benchmarking data latency, validating performance, conducting system-wide data validations, implementing alarms for issue detection and generating real-time reports for comprehensive monitoring
  • Facilitating knowledge transfer and a smooth handover process with the client

Technology implementation

The comprehensive solution leveraged:

  • Java programming language
  • MicroServices architecture pattern
  • Amazon Web Services Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) instances for hosting the microservices
  • AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure as code deployment
  • AWS CloudWatch for monitoring and managing the AWS resources and applications running on them

Key features

TELUS International's solution has a number of components that benefited the customers and the client's internal teams.

  • Introduced self-service tools that enabled customers to migrate seamlessly and independently
  • Enhanced account management capabilities, providing customers with increased control
  • Streamlined support operations, reducing the time spent troubleshooting and tracking telephone numbers across different networks and data models
  • Added new sales and service reporting capabilities, providing valuable insights for performance analysis and decision-making

The results

The collaboration between the numerous TELUS International teams, and the client, was an emphatic success. All of the customer-initiated migrations were completed with no service disruption, there was a 70% reduction in billing-cycle processing time for customers due to a simplified interface for transactions and the client saw a 35% acceleration in time-to-market due to the introduction of scalable frameworks and reusable logic in software delivery.

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