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Leveraging Google Cloud’s Migrate for Compute Engine (M4CE) to unlock new levels of cloud transformation

Discover how TELUS International’s Managed Cloud Services helped a client with the migration of virtual machines from their on-premises data center to Google Cloud.

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The challenge

Migrating VMs from an on-premise environment to Google Cloud allows businesses to take advantage of the scalability, security and performance of Google’s infrastructure. As a large telecommunications company, our client was looking to harness advancements in virtualization and containerization to scale capacity and ensure sustainability of their cloud environment. The client’s technology environment is highly customized, tightly integrated with application-sharing VMs and had various related incompatibilities that required consideration. As such, there was a strong desire for a phased approach to cloud migration due to its ability to reduce risk, improve efficiency and better manage resources. Given our extensive experience and related expertise, the client decided to partner with TELUS International to assist with the planning and execution of their comprehensive cloud migration and modernization strategy

TELUS International’s Managed Cloud Services

Our client required thoughtful, methodical, timely and non-disruptive migration of their existing VMs and their associated critical workloads. The TELUS International team led the planning of the end-to-end execution strategy – a first at the client’s site. Our experts were then responsible for building a ground-up method of procedure in alignment with the client’s environmental compliance, and the subsequent successful deployment of over 100 VMs.

Key features of the project included:

  • The utilization of a “lift-and-shift” approach to rapidly migrate VMs from the client’s on-premises data center to Google Cloud
  • Pioneering proof-of-concept initiatives around Bare Metal Servers (BMS), NFS infusion and Weblogic Cluster migrations
  • An efficient low-risk method to modernize the environment without requiring a need to change tools, processes or policies
  • The end-to-end automation of the migration and infrastructure provisioning with DevSecOps

The results

TELUS International’s Managed Cloud Services helped the client understand Google’s ecosystem, modernize the environment and reduce technical debt by utilizing native Google Cloud services such as Cloud SQL, Cloud Logging and Load Balancers to reduce managed operations cost and move to a No-Ops model.

Project highlights:

  • Migrating 100 VMs (14 applications) within six months with no downtime
  • Ensuring the client’s infrastructure has dynamic capacity management to meet their demands, enabling the deployment of new services in hours versus days
  • Subsequent contract to migrate larger, more complex scope of dynamic workloads

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