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Seven digital CX books to add to your reading list

Posted May 4, 2022
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As summer inches closer and shadows lengthen in the sun, booklovers all over are putting together their reading lists in anticipation of the warmer days ahead. Whether you’re likely to spend your time basking at the beach or enjoying a quiet night at home, a good book should never be far out of reach.

And while a quick online search will offer suggestions featuring the latest bestsellers, memoirs and gripping thrillers, those with an interest in digital customer experience (CX) can find themselves doing some serious digging to find relevant titles. It doesn’t have to be this way, though: There are inspiring and influential books covering relevant topics like customer centricity, generational strategies, scaling and the importance of the employee experience.

Read on for a list of digital customer experience page-turners worth bookmarking.

1. The Intuitive Customer: 7 Imperatives For Moving Your Customer Experience to the Next Level

A great read for those looking to think critically about their customers and customer behavior, The Intuitive Customer by Colin Shaw and Professor Ryan Hamilton establishes the non-negotiables of “next level” CX. As a credit to the timeless nature of the authors’ keen analysis of customer psychology, the book has generated a considerable, lasting following. In fact, the book acted as a catalyst for a podcast by the same name with well over 200 episodes to date. Want to get a feel for the content before diving in? Check out Professor Ryan Hamilton on the TELUS International Studios podcast for insights on Missing resource for 2ELQ0QsycX1JwyAu4Od05M during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Chief Customer Officer 2.0: How to Build Your Customer-Driven Growth Engine

This one’s for current and future leaders in the domain of CX, and for brands who recognize the importance of the chief customer officer role. Written by prolific CX authority Jeanne Bliss, Chief Customer Officer 2.0 helps leadership teams refocus on “earning the right to growth by improving customers’ lives.” Featuring accounts from numerous leaders around the globe, a close read of Bliss’ book is likely to enhance the effectiveness of CX leaders, and accelerate customer-driven growth at an organizational level.

3. Zconomy: How Gen Z Will Change the Future of Business―and What to Do About It

Looking to deliver upon a CX strategy that appeals to different generations of customers? If Gen Z is on your list — hint: it definitely should be — Zconomy is a must-read. An in-depth, research-backed book about Gen Z and their current and expected business impact, authors Jason Dorsey and Denise Villa Ph.D. urge readers to account for the generation before it’s too late. For a glimpse of the immense value between the covers of Zconomy, take a look at the 10 Gen Z insights to improve your CX that author Jason Dorsey shared in an exclusive interview with TELUS International.

4. The Effortless Experience: Conquering the New Battleground for Customer Loyalty

Speaking of exclusive interviews, don’t skip past the wisdom Matt Dixon has imparted to TELUS International readers. Dixon’s research has been influential to the ways people think about effective agents, and the role of effort in CX for both agents and customers. It’s on the latter that The Effortless Experience applies focus. Expertly written by Dixon and co-authors Nick Toman and Rick DeLisi, a brief summary doesn’t do it justice, but know this: Customer expectations are rising, particularly in terms of the ease in which they want to get answers. This means, ironically, brands need to go above and beyond in their pursuit of effortlessness.

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5. The Employee Experience Advantage: How to Win the War for Talent by Giving Employees the Workspaces they Want, the Tools they Need, and a Culture They Can Celebrate

Jacob Morgan’s The Employee Experience Advantage is a gem in the employee experience genre, offering a research-packed perspective on the ways the workplace experience can enhance or detract from business results. Jacob Morgan’s analysis features over 150 studies and articles, as well as over 150 executive interviews, and examines over 250 global organizations. If you’re looking to revitalize your employee experience, this one will supply you with the evidence you need to make your business case.

6. X: The Experience When Business Meets Design

Another familiar name to listeners of TELUS International Studios, Brian Solis’ X purports that “the future of business is experiential” and offers strategies to create meaningful experiences. With the heightening buzz of the metaverse and extended reality, Solis is able to recognize trends in CX and the change in customer expectations, while also providing practical approaches for brands looking to rise to the occassion. Over the course of the book, Solis covers topics like the importance of UX and human-centered design, approaches to journey mapping and much more.

7. The Customer of the Future: 10 Guiding Principles for Winning Tomorrow’s Business

Blake Morgan is a highly respected CX thought leader, and with good reason. Sitting down with a copy of The Customer of the Future is likely to leave you fully convinced of the need to adapt your business for tomorrow’s customer. The Customer of the Future suggests 10 guiding principles that act as avenues to customer-led growth. Armed with Blake Morgan’s easy-to-follow guidelines, your brand will be better prepared for a future grounded in customer centricity.

Don’t wait for summer to get reading

As the proverb goes, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Though the timelines may differ, the same general principle can be applied to the customer experience. Customer expectations are changing by the day, and by learning from a diverse set of insights and resources, your brand has the best chance of success in the days to come.

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