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Infographic: CX expectations in the metaverse

Posted November 8, 2022
Animated person zooming through a conception of the metaverse on a sort of hoverboard

There’s a lot of excitement surrounding the metaverse. Although early in its evolution, consumers already have big expectations for what the merging of the physical and digital realms could mean for them. From more engaging brand interactions to the streamlined completion of everyday tasks, the metaverse is poised to create new and exciting opportunities for businesses and customers alike.

While there’s an infinite number of possibilities on the horizon, according to a survey conducted by TELUS International, consumers also share some hesitancy. Ensuring their personal data is secure, and that they are safe from inappropriate online behavior, is top of mind for respondents. Take a look at the survey results below to learn more about customer experience (CX) expectations in the metaverse.

Metaverse infographic

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