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  1. Magnet pulling heart icons

  2. Two tech support agents on laptops, with iconography suggesting global chat conversations

  3. Concert crowd facing a band on stage

  4. Customer care agent delivering support while working in a home office

  5. Illustration of person and various items meant to convey buy now, pay later services

  6. ECommerce shop employee looking at a laptop from a distance, with visual elements meant to convey a support conversation

  7. Illustration of three people holding up lightbulbs, symbolizing new ideas

  8. Digital art depicting a person sitting on a crescent moon and using a laptop; a large cloud is in the background

  9. Preview TI resource case MobileGameCase2020
    Case Study

  10. Illustration of two people running along an arrow with an upwards trajectory, accompanied by various financial symbols representing revenue

  11. Illustration of human appearing out of a smart phone, with various symbols meant to convey ecommerce

  12. TI resource case OnlineGamesCaseStudy2020
    Case Study

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