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  1. Illustration of two people shaking hands and two overlapping squares

  2. Illustration of electronic tablet displaying various accessibility settings

  3. Illustration of a pile of question marks, with one standing out in colour

  4. video game controllers

  5. 3D illustration of various symbols conveying online security, including a finger print and a shield

  6. Illustration of a hand holding a magnet on a laptop screen attracting people on their phones, meant to symbolize eCommerce pull marketing

  7. Illustration of two hands connecting puzzle pieces

  8. Photograph of the 'Reichstag' in Berlin, Germany

  9. Three arrows: two hitting a wall, and one going over it, meant to symbolize the value of cross-vertical experience

  10. Illustration of people interacting with technology and emojis

  11. Stressed person hunched over a table, weighed down by symbols of travel, retail and expenses

  12. Animated person zooming through a conception of the metaverse on a sort of hoverboard

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