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  1. video game controllers

  2. 3D illustration of various symbols conveying online security, including a finger print and a shield

  3. Illustration of two hands connecting puzzle pieces

  4. Three arrows: two hitting a wall, and one going over it, meant to symbolize the value of cross-vertical experience

  5. Customer service agents with tablet

  6. Illustration of a person repositioning a downward trend on a graph to make it positive, symbolizing strategies to overcome a downturn

  7. Headphones with microphone in front of a desktop gaming computer

  8. image of many of the flags of the world

  9. Vintage video game illustration with two astronauts and text that reads "Start Game," "1 Player" and "2 Players."

  10. Bell with a red circle and exclamation mark meant to symbolize a "sign"

  11. Illustration of person with megaphone meant to represent a brand ambassador

  12. Co-innovation

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