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Cultural alignment & engagement drive superior player support & rapid growth

TELUS International supported a global games client with better and faster player support, including enhanced recruitment strategies and maintaining their games culture while expanding into new markets.

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The challenge

A U.S.-based games publisher, developer and esport tournament giant was looking for a partner to help with better and faster player support, including enhanced recruitment strategies while expanding into new markets. Maintaining their games culture was also essential.

The TELUS International solution

Leveraging our player support expertise, we offered a flexible and agile model with the capacity for growth, including player support in more than 50 languages. We are now handling inbound player support and prized events support via email, chat and ticketing, as well as social media community management and forum management in 12 languages, including: German, French, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Romanian, Greek, Hungarian, Czech, English and Arabic.

Partnership details:

  • Partnership since 2013
  • Languages: Western and Central European language, 12 in total
  • Program size: More than 300 team members
  • Centers of excellence: Bulgaria and Romania
  • Channels: Discord, Facebook, X, tickets and chat
  • Specific recruitment profile: Passionate gamers with the desire to help other players
  • Services: Ticket and chat support; social media and forum support; tournament prize evaluations; influencer support; tech issues; game, account, billing and merchandise support

Implementation highlights:

Following a smooth and quick transition from an in-house operation to outsourced support, our teams of games enthusiasts implemented a full spectrum of cultural and business process requirements for this client, including:

  • Creating a dedicated operating area/floor with full client branding and a separate, secure operations network
  • Launching a targeted recruitment strategy based on very specific hiring profiles to identify passionate gamers with a desire to help others, who respect the games culture and speak the games language
  • Supporting the games culture by giving our gamers time to play at work; gameplay is an important part of the job and directly correlates to our teams' ability to increase player satisfaction scores
  • Acting as a Voice of the Player (VoP) via direct player feedback from tickets that is shared with the studio for game enhancements

"Great, now I know that I can count on your help. Really did everything to help me, and I'm very content. I am so happy that this wonderful game is administered by such wonderful people! Thank you!"
Player feedback

The results

Key success factors:

  • Partnership approach based on collaborative and transparent working process between our team and the client
  • Regular communication and feedback from the client at all times regarding the launch of new products, markets, training and more
  • Understanding of the client's business and alignment between the partners at a strategic level
  • Seamless player support transition from captive to outsourced
  • Strong workforce management and personnel planning
  • Clear mapping of processes and internal procedures
  • A shared respect for a caring culture and strong team engagement

Business impacts:

  • Immediate clearing of a large ticket backlog in only one month, decreasing response time from days to minutes
  • Significant and consistent increase in player satisfaction from 3.9 to 4.34 (out of 5), which is maintained today
  • Expansion of games support, languages and titles over the course of the partnership with TELUS International

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