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How program enhancements leveled up the player experience for a social games developer

Uncover how TELUS International implemented program enhancements to level up the player experience for a social games developer.

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The challenge

In an enduring partnership with a social games developer, TELUS International has been trusted to anticipate and adapt to developments in the games industry and business landscape at large.

The partnership began in 2009 and has involved front- and back-office customer support services from its inception. Beginning with email and voice, our player experience offerings have grown to include analytics, billing, compliance and investigation, community moderation, content management, campaign management, executive relations and project management.

With over 230 dedicated team members, our operations team supports players who speak English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Portuguese. As the client's trusted advisor, when player demands continued to evolve, we launched in-app support for SDK-enabled games for all phone and tablet operating systems, as well as content moderation support. And in July 2019, we launched a VIP outbound sales queue that is now an expanding, permanent line of business.

The TELUS International solution

While no client or program is the same, we rely on our Process Consulting Services team and their business process excellence (BPE) initiatives to drive service quality. For this games client, we implemented several program enhancements to create better player support outcomes:

  • Revised existing snippets and canned responses used by agents to better reflect the Voice of the Player (VoP) as it pertained to each particular title
  • Initialized a "CSAT Improvement Plan" per (game) bundle, which included a proprietary operations guide to promote frontline response consistency, improved processes to build upon program successes and better monitoring of accuracy scores to feed into our compliance management systems
  • Supported open ideation from the frontline, where gameplay teams were free to brainstorm and share ideas for sustainable CSAT improvements tailored to their respective bundles
  • Stayed close to the client via weekly external calibration sessions to ensure alignment to strategy while supporting continuous improvement related to content and quality
  • Created a Junior Leaders development program to coach and mentor young leaders and equip them with the tools and skills needed to assume additional responsibilities
  • Upskilled tenured, successful inbound care advocates to outbound sales specialists to increase VIP sales, improve player satisfaction and create client ROI

Building a team of player experience experts from day one is critical to program success. Here's a look at the key roles that delight players while making the game experience shine:

Community moderators

  • Monitor and respond to posts made on the client's Facebook, X, Instagram and forums
  • Monitor the social channels for any client Rules of Conduct (ROC) violations and ban ROC violators
  • Surface trending or potentially widespread issues observed online


  • Perform detailed data exploration and validation in order to create dashboards and day-end game reports
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders and client studios to ensure accurate data presentation

Executive relations

  • Handle more sensitive and complex queues, including: BBB (Better Business Bureau), tier 3 escalations, privacy issues, special cases and call-back requests
  • Handle all inquiries sent by players to client's executives


  • Identify bad player behaviors such as inappropriate use of profile images, names and chats
  • Issue disciplinary actions with the use of BAM (Behavior Action Matrix)

The results

The primary keys to continued program success include our consistently strong performance, our partnership approach and our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

Highlights include:

  • 90% program engagement
  • 102% Quality of Service (QoS) score
  • 97% quality score
  • 18% voluntary attrition
  • Assumed player support responsibilities for client's acquired premium action game
  • Achieved highest recorded monthly CSAT score of 3.99 (out of 5 stars)
  • Assumed player support for client's global, newly released casino game that aligns with cable TV's medieval fantasy epic show
  • Assumed player support responsibilities for two newly released games
  • Achieved 100% sales queue growth

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