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Posted March 19, 2019

The importance of a customer-first mindset - Insights from HubSpot

(Previously recorded as Voxpro - powered by TELUS International) How important is it to have a ‘customer-first’ mindset? How valuable is it to your company? And how can you go about successfully developing one? HubSpot has over 40,000 customers in ninety countries and having a genuine ‘customer-first’ approach has been central to its success.

Amanda Whyte is the Senior Manager of Agency Partner and Customer Success at HubSpot. In this episode, Amanda talks about:

- How to have a ‘customer-first’ mindset

- Why it pays to hire for ‘culture-add’ instead of ‘culture-fit’

- How to hire the right people when your company is growing rapidly

- How to reach people that ‘don’t want to be interrupted’

- Learning from customer churn

- The power of creating useful content for customers

- Why company leaders should work ON the business, not IN the business

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