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The future of banking and financial services: Unlocking customer experience potential with intelligent automation

Join experts from TELUS International and Automation Anywhere, a top cloud automation platform, to learn how banks and financial services firms can leverage automation to enhance the customer experience, optimize operations and foster customer loyalty.

An illustration showing various digital automation technologies for banking including, artificial intelligence, mobile payments, chatbots and data analytics.

Banking and financial services leaders are facing a number of economic headwinds. You need innovative solutions to prioritize your customers while increasing operational efficiency, empowering employees and strengthening governance.

From streamlining complex processes to enhancing customer engagement, this webinar is your golden ticket to unlocking the true potential of automation. Watch now to gain a competitive edge and access tips for how you can transform your customer experience strategy.

Key takeaways

  • checkmarkInnovative ways to address operational challenges prevalent in the banking and financial services industry
  • checkmarkAutomation trends disrupting the industry such as RPA, AI and more
  • checkmarkPowerful automation strategies that elevate customer satisfaction and improve efficiency

Featured speakers

Nigel Devaraj

Senior product managerTELUS International

Nigel is a senior product manager with 23 years of industry experience currently focused on automation and AI-enabled solutions. He is passionate about driving and delivering meaningful value to customers through automation and is committed to developing innovative products that have a positive impact on businesses and their customers.

Ken Mertzel

Global industry leader — financial servicesAutomation Anywhere

Ken brings more than 25 years of experience as a senior finance executive known for improving business performance and organizational effectiveness. He actively works with top banking, insurance and finance organizations to develop customized RPA and intelligent automation solutions that improve productivity and lower operating costs.

Lori Branton

Global vice president of client successTELUS International

Lori leads a global client success team that supports clients across all industries, including banking, financial services and eCommerce. She brings over 25 years of experience in strategic solution development, partner alliance and relationship management that enhances service delivery, improves customer experience and drives value creation.

"Banking is the top industry in leveraging intelligent automation. The reason this technology has really taken off is its ability to empower employees. You want to ensure that your employees are focusing on strategic activities by automating manual repetitive tasks."

Ken Mertzel, global industry leader — financial services, Automation Anywhere

Discover how to leverage automation to elevate the banking customer experience

Access the free webinar to get started.


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