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How to set CX metrics goals

Gain an understanding of the challenges faced by customer experience (CX) leaders in setting goals for their metrics — and effective techniques to persevere.

Illustration of a person and various graphs and scales symbolizing metrics, measurement and KPIs

Whether your customer experience program is new, advanced or somewhere in between, goal setting is at the center of success.

This report from Forrester outlines what CX leaders need to consider when setting goals for CX metrics.

Access the report to learn about practical goal-setting techniques and how they can be deployed to overcome common challenges.

This report reveals

  • checkmarkEssential criteria to consider when identifying effective goals for CX metrics.
  • checkmarkChallenges CX leaders face in establishing beacon metric goals.
  • checkmarkTechniques to overcome obstacles related to the measurement of CX metrics.
  • checkmarkA framework that maps goal-setting techniques to the maturity of a CX program.

"To be credible, a CX program must prove that it adds real business value, and not merely by producing high scores."

Forrester, How To Set CX Metrics Goals

Three reasons to read this report

  1. 1

    Most programs set arbitrary, inaccurate or unrealistic goals

    According to Forrester, only 53% of CX/voice-of-the-customer (VoC) measurement survey respondents report setting goals, and even fewer back their programs with sound quantitative methods.

  2. 2

    Ineffective goals undermine CX program credibility

    For CX metrics goals to matter, they need to be connected to real business value and real experiences. See how a formal process can bolster credibility and business success.

  3. 3

    Common challenges shouldn't be a roadblock to success

    Learn the techniques that best-in-class CX leaders use to set goals that move the needle.

Set effective goals

Establish better goals for your CX metrics with this new report from Forrester.


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