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Maximizing profitability in telecom: leveraging customer insight for digital transformation excellence

Discover how TELUS International’s business process consulting experts helped a leading telecommunications company drive improvements in its customer service delivery and efficiency.

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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, telecommunications companies encounter challenges that extend beyond technology. They require strategic insight to effectively navigate digital channels, while simultaneously optimizing operational costs.

The challenge

Our client is a leading U.S.-based telecommunications company that specializes in providing a wide range of services, including internet, phone and data solutions.

The client aimed to achieve a 4% target for call-to-chat-volume, but despite having advanced technology in place to design and manage their digital channels, their existing strategies were falling short. In pursuit of their goals, the client recognized the need to engage with a knowledgeable CX partner that was capable of offering customized strategies that would not only help them reach their target, but also efficiently shift call volume to a cost-effective chat channel.

The TELUS International solution

The client strategically partnered with TELUS International and leveraged our CX Consulting services. Using a well-defined implementation framework that includes process discovery, customer journey mapping and service journey analysis, our team of experts thoroughly explored the client’s existing experiences and interactions across channels. The detailed analysis of digital channels, focused on evaluating the financial and emotional risks associated with various customer experiences, was conducted using research tools that follow COPC standards.

Through this process, gaps were identified in customer interactions, leading to a number of improvement opportunities across people, process and technology.

Working within budgetary constraints, the consultants devised a plan of action that was cost effective and suggested impactful solutions that could be implemented quickly.

The results

The exhaustive research and analysis by our consultants resulted in three key recommendations for the client. Each underwent a rigorous approval process involving various stakeholders, and they are anticipated to improve call-to-chat volume by 75% beyond the client’s objective. The recommendations included:

  • Sending contact receipts after each interaction so customers can follow up on incidents easily with a single click, redirecting them to the chat channel for quicker responses.
  • Moving the website chat to the top of the client’s webpage and simplifying its value proposition to make it more engaging, customized and transparent.
  • Simplifying the client's contact information for search engine optimization to direct customers to the right support area for an improved experience.

These easily implemented enhancements will positively impact the client’s overall CX, regardless of the chosen journey, and will provide a consistent method of directing inquiries through an improved primary channel.

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