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Posted October 4, 2019

Shifting customer engagement from transactional to human

(Previously recorded as Voxpro - powered by TELUS International) In a hyper-connected world, how can the valuable human connection be maintained between brands and customers? &Open is a ‘customer happiness platform’ that helps brands like Airbnb, WeWork and Turo stay connected to users through personalized gifting. In this episode, we are joined by &Open’s co-founder and CEO Jonathan Legge to discuss how his startup is helping major companies win their customer’s hearts through the age-old practice of giving and why real relationships are built on care.

In this interview, Jonathan also talks about:

- The importance of human connection in an hyper-connected world

- How good gifting can reinforce what a brand stands for

- Navigating the legacy left behind by the corporate gifting industry of old

- The power of contextualizing the gifts you send

- Why bringing moments of surprise and delight to the customer journey can be impactful

- Scaling &Open and the challenge of setting the right pace of growth

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