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  1. Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring an illustrated character drawing a star on a price tag.

  2. Illustration of two people shaking hands and two overlapping squares

  3. Preview image of the brochure Adaptable support for growing games companies

  4. Salesperson speaking into a computer

  5. Illustration of Matt Dixon with episode title "Matt Dixon on overcoming customer indecision"

  6. IDC info snapshot CX feature image - five stars

  7. Preview thumbnail of ramping player support case study
    Case Study

  8. Eraser with shavings on a white background

  9. Four customer service agents with headsets looking at computer monitors

  10. Mobile phone behind an airplane, clouds, a hot air balloon, luggage, a camera, a hat, glasses, starfish, sandals and a map

  11. healthcare ramping 2

  12. far away concept with two people standing at a distance on a bridge

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