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  1. Collage of illustrations meant to symbolize conversational artificial intelligence

  2. An illustration of a human and an artificial intelligence chatbot sitting together on top of a brain working on a computer towards a common goal. The partnership demonstrates the concept of augmented intelligence.

  3. Person typing on laptop with graphics symbolizing security

  4. Robot and humans positioned on a laptop computer with robot shaking a person's hand and other people working on laptops

  5. Person scrolling through financial information on mobile phone with laptop in the background

  6. Cartoon robot with speech bubble above its head depicting ellipses

  7. Illustration of a laptop depicting a chatbot conversing with two humans

  8. healthcare automation 2

  9. e-robot resized

  10. women using voice function on her mobile phone

  11. robot with error message on screen

  12. woman determining cost on calculator

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