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10 podcasts for digital CX disruptors

Posted December 21, 2021 - Updated November 6, 2023
Podcaster in studio with a sign that reads "ON AIR"

Nothing moves faster than the world of technology. It can be exhilarating just trying to keep up. Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone — great company can be found in a range of podcasts hosted by, and featuring some of, the most charismatic and innovative thinkers in the industry. Whether your interests lie in the customer experience (CX), artificial intelligence (AI), innovation, leadership or something else entirely, there's a tech podcast for you.

Tune in to hear from leaders who are solving real problems for customers, employees and everyday people, and by doing so are driving revenue and changing the entire competitive landscape. Below are 10 of the best technology podcasts and recommendations on where to start your listening journey.

1. Masters of Scale with Reid Hoffman

LinkedIn co-founder, Reid Hoffman, hosts this essential series that welcomes industry leaders to share their stories and secrets for all to learn. Jump right into the action with "You should be running toward AI," a fascinating episode about the use of data and AI to maintain a competitive edge, featuring Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google.

2. The Vergecast

Rounding up each week's tech news, this smart and informative podcast is hosted by esteemed contributors, Nilay Patel and Dieter Bohn. The show features frequent interviews with tech's brightest minds, giving them a platform to share their perspectives on the latest happenings related to everything from the cloud, to the ground truth in machine learning.

3. Questions for now

Questions for now is a podcast from TELUS International that shares compelling perspectives on the digital customer experience (CX). Featuring thought leaders from beloved brands and influential institutions, Questions for now is packed full of actionable insights that listeners can apply in their organizations today. Recent episodes have explored today's big questions on topics including data security and customer trust, keeping up with algospeak and innovation in recruitment.

First time listening? Start with our episode on how organizations of all sizes can leverage technology to deliver a world-class customer experience.

Video clip of Alroy Almeida, director of deep tech at Velocity, one of Canada's leading start-up incubators, speaking on Questions for now.

4. The Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show

This series, hosted by Jeanne Bliss, is based on the concept that the role of the chief customer officer is to act as human duct tape for an organization — "uniting companies to earn the right to customer-driven growth." Listen for interviews with C-suite leaders at some of the biggest brands in tech and walk away with practical insights that'll help you to transform your business. Start with the episode featuring Simone Sweeney from LEGO Group for a captivating discussion on CX.

5. The Intuitive Customer

Customer centricity is never a bad idea. The Intuitive Customer podcast by Beyond Philosophy takes that to heart as a way to advocate for customer-led growth. Check out "top five rules for building customer loyalty" for a taste of what this series has to offer.

6. How I Built This with Guy Raz

This NPR podcast just might be the best technology podcast out there for those that want to hear success stories from both big dogs and underdogs alike. From travel and hospitality giants Airbnb and Kayak.com, to crypto innovators like Coinbase, Guy Raz knows how to get to the good stuff with today's top tech founders.

7. Business Casual

Another hard-hitter that emphasizes staying ahead of the trends and keeping up with important news, this podcast was created by the ever-witty, Morning Brew newsletter and hosted by comedian Scott Rogowsky and journalist Nora Ali. With new episodes dropping every Monday and Thursday, there's always a fresh, engaging topic to explore — for those looking for a place to start, check out this episode demystifying NFTs.

Tweet from Business Casual podcast that reads: "Podcasts are good, pass it along."

— Business Casual (@bizcasualpod) November 18, 2021

8. Eye on AI

For those searching for a podcast that focuses on all things artificial intelligence, look no further than Eye on AI. Craig S. Smith, a longtime New York Times correspondent, hosts biweekly conversations with experts who are making a difference in tech. To get a feel for the series, listen to the recent episode with Daniel Ho, associate director of Stanford's Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

9. HBR IdeaCast

Two senior editors at Harvard Business Review, Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch, host this weekly podcast that showcases inspiring guests and their innovative ideas. As authoritative as it is topical, the HBR IdeaCast catalogue of business and management content is only a few clicks away. Consider starting your listening journey with their topical episodes on fighting the Great Resignation or eliminating bias in customer interactions.

10. The Modern Customer Podcast

To get the best insights, you've got to be listening to the leading experts. Blake Morgan is a futurist, author and renowned customer experience strategist with a podcast that needs to be on your radar. The Modern Customer Podcast shares lessons related to CX, social customer service and content, featuring true thought leaders with stories to tell. Start with the episode with New York Times bestselling author, Shep Hyken for best practices on creating returning customers.

Podcasts offer insights, loud and clear

With such an array of thoughtful discussions, leading voices and practical takeaways, podcasts could be the source of your next big idea. Put the Mariah Carey holiday album on pause and treat yourself to the best podcasts tech has to offer.

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