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  1. Illustration of a person on top of a mountain with a telescope, symbolizing a person looking to the future

  2. Image of connected data points that look like a landscape of hills

  3. Illustration showing hands holding a globe, a smartphone and a light bulb.

  4. The number 23 springing out of a gift box surrounded by stars

  5. Laptop screen with a tropical beach spilling out of it

  6. Illustration of an eye and various web pages, meant to symbolize visual search engines

  7. Futuristic illustration of person entering a new reality

  8. Person in wheelchair interacting with virtual reality headwear

  9. A 3D depiction of the number 22 on a purple background

  10. Podcaster in studio with a sign that reads "ON AIR"

  11. Two models of human faces looking at one another

  12. Two people holding a tablet up to a room with a representation of furniture in augmented reality.

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