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  1. Illustration of two people combining shapes meant to symbolize the sharing of information that happens in knowledge management

  2. Illustration of a person interacting with a robot; the robot has four arms and is holding screens with various icons, including settings cogs, stars, a question mark and a lightbulb — all meant to symbolize contact center automation

  3. Three customer service agents behind computers with various iconography floating around them, including conversation bubbles, paper airplanes, check marks and "24/7", all meant to symbolize right channeling

  4. Illustration of a smartphone, a credit card, coins and a shield with a lock icon, all meant to symbolize customer experience for banking and financial services brands

  5. 3D illustration of an arrow that looks like an upward trend on a line chart

  6. Person sitting on the edge of a hospital bed, looking out to a cityscape and a bright future

  7. Two people facing a laptop screen and smiling, with one of them holding a credit card

  8. Closeup photo of an airplane on a runway

  9. Mobile phone and bank card with an interface overlay to conceptualize mobile finance

  10. Augmented CX

  11.  small people characters develop creative business idea. Isometric big light bulb as metaphor idea

  12. Group of people with their mobile phones out around a table

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