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Deploying automation to assist agents at a consumer robotics company

Even consumer robotics companies can benefit from a little help deploying customer experience (CX) automation. Learn more about TELUS International’s solution to improve a client’s agent efficiency and engagement.

Illustration of consumer robotics including a butler, a chef and cat riding a robot vacuum.
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improvement in average handle time

improvement in agent satisfaction

The challenge

Our client is a household name in the innovative world of consumer robotics. They're a growing presence in a growing industry, and they needed to ensure their customer experience (CX) team could maintain high standards as they scale with consumer demand. More specifically, they sought to keep up with increased and ongoing training requirements and to make it easy for agents to find answers to customer questions.

Determined to minimize costs while maximizing performance, they looked for a partner capable of doing more with less.

The TELUS International solution

Our client had an established and informative knowledge base, but it wasn't easy for frontline agents to find the content and context they were looking for while actively supporting customers. Agents needed retrieval to be quicker and to fit in with their flow of work.

Our team of automation experts suggested the implementation of our intelligent TELUS International Assistant platform to empower their CX operation with an agent-assist chatbot.

Having trained the technology with the information housed in the existing knowledge base, the bot was capable of effortlessly surfacing the correct information, as well as tips, scripts and reminders. The intuitive automation platform helped to accelerate workflows and improve resolution rates.

Importantly, the solution brought the necessary visibility into bot performance, helping our client to evaluate analytics and generate operational insights. The agent-facing bot also added value outside of the context of support interactions by reducing the learning curve for new hires. At any time, agents can look to the bot for help in navigating company and product information — offering every opportunity to solidify their knowledge in preparation for their next customer.

The results

Over the course of our partnership, we've applied best practices and decisive technology to exceed expectations. Our solution eliminates agent involvement in low-value processes, and provides business intelligence data and insights into frequently asked questions that can be added to the knowledge base. What's more, we continue to work together on innovation projects for continuous improvement and to drive profitability.

  • Improved average handle time by 28% (target was 15%)
  • Improved agent satisfaction by 37% (target was 35%)
  • Lengthened tenure for in-house agents
  • Reduced ramp training time for client's growing CX operation

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