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Driving efficiency with digital automation for a financial services brand

Discover how TELUS International implemented a comprehensive intelligent automation solution for a financial services client that enabled operational efficiency, a reduction in employee effort and an overall increase in customer satisfaction.

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improvement in customer satisfaction scores

decrease in average handle time

reduction in queries received by supervisors

The challenge

Relying solely on human support for simple tasks can reduce productivity and lead to overall inefficiency. Automation helps boost productivity by allowing employees to focus on more nuanced responsibilities, while chatbots take over the more redundant tasks.

Our client is a U.S.-based financial services company that provides title insurance protection and professional settlement services. The client was looking for a digital automation solution that would provide their agents with 24/7 support when responding to customer queries, including guiding agents to accurate knowledge base information, handling refund and claim adjustments and utilizing de-escalation techniques. The client also wanted the automated solution to provide their agents with a framework on how to make the right decision at the right time, depending on the query at hand.

The TELUS International intelligent automation solution

TELUS International was selected for this project because of our wealth of knowledge and experience in the automation space, and the breadth of solutions offered that could meet the client’s agent support requirements.

The TELUS International solutions team implemented digital co-workers that assisted the client’s support team in easily accessing the information stored in their knowledge base. Using the intelligent TELUS International Assistant platform, with its built-in agent assistance bot, the client has seen an increase in service quality and transaction efficiency, as well as a decrease in agent effort. This solution has also improved the overall customer and employee experience.

Furthermore, the agent assistance bot effortlessly delivers decision-making guidance on re-dispatch actions, continuations, service-fee refunds, techniques to identify high-risk claims and FAQs in order to align them to current business needs.

In conjunction with the bot implementation, TELUS International’s unique Intelligent Insights platform was leveraged to manage the client’s digital workforce. Serving as a single center of excellence, the platform’s dashboard enables the client to track their digital operations in the same space.

Key features of our intelligent automation solution include:

  • Leveraged intelligent TELUS International Assistant platform to enhance digital workforce
  • Analytics and reporting to monitor effectiveness, deliver cost savings and identify further opportunities for innovation

The results

The implementation of our digital automation solutions enabled greater employee self-sufficiency and productivity. The agent assistance bot offers guidance and direction to team members resolving customer support issues and reduces the need to escalate to a supervisor in the vast majority of scenarios. As a result, team members have gained confidence in handling queries and are empowered to make better decisions on their own.

Project highlights included:

  • An 80% reduction in queries received by supervisors
  • Improvement in secondary work order creation by 13.35%
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction score by 40%
  • A decrease in average handle time by 9%
  • Reduction in search time within the internal knowledge base from six minutes to one minute
  • Significantly reducing human involvement in mundane tasks

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