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Enhancing mobile UX and UI for a telecommunications behemoth

Uncover how TELUS International developed a specialized response card, enabling a large communications and information technology company’s mobile customers to efficiently find information for an effortless customer experience (CX).

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The challenge

Conversational bots are commonly used to facilitate a smooth user experience (UX) when it comes to today’s mobile devices. In order to implement a successful chatbot, organizations must first identify the most common customer inquiries.

The chatbot can then serve this information as pre-populated options for the customer to select when the support application is launched.

Ensuring the selection is as clear and direct as possible improves customer satisfaction, while also reducing contact center volumes through the self-service option.

Our client, a dynamic, world-leading communications and information technology company, was looking to accomplish this goal through a specialized response card within its mobile application.

The TELUS International solution

After assessing the client’s specific requirements, and their user journey goals, TELUS International utilized its proprietary conversational bot platform, intelligent TELUS International Assistant, to establish deep linking, along with a customized response card, for a better mobile experience.

Deep linking is the process of creating URL shorteners to land a user on specific flows within a chatbot, depending on their intended use case. By offering deep linking experiences, the intelligent TELUS International Assistant not only enables the client’s customers to easily access the top searched inquiries from a menu, but also smoothes over any issues a customer might experience with mobile interface rendering.

The TELUS International development team also created a customized response card that sorts through its trained content when a user asks a question and responds accordingly. If the customer requires further assistance, they can decide to be transferred to an agent or continue with the chatbot.

Key features of our specialized response card include:

  • Customization: The user journey can be customized to create a more human-like interaction.
  • Filtering: The ability to filter out irrelevant information that has already been shown to the user.
  • Escalation: If the chatbot is not able to provide the necessary information within its trained content, it automatically redirects or transfers the user directly to an agent.
  • Monitoring: The solution provides a user satisfaction score which tracks the number of times the customer has requested to speak with an agent, as well as any negative sentiment. Once the set threshold is reached, the customer is automatically transferred to a live agent for support.

The results

Our integrated solution handles all types of customer interactions ranging from specific, selected flows to random queries, all within the mobile application. Through the specialized response card and the deep linking experiences facilitated by the intelligent TELUS International Assistant, the client’s mobile customers are empowered to resolve their own inquiries. The seamless interaction delivers an enhanced customer experience while simultaneously reducing contact center volumes.

Project highlights include:

  • Improving the client’s overall mobile UI/UX, therefore enhancing the CX
  • Creating a branded solution customized to the client’s theme
  • 77% of contact center calls from July 2021 to April 2022 were deflected to the chatbot via deep linking

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