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Forrester: Five best practices to design for empathy in digital experiences

Brands that design for empathy in digital experiences demonstrate customer understanding, bolstering both trust and loyalty. Get the best practices from Forrester.

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Are you creating empathetic moments in your digital experiences?

This 2024 report from Forrester outlines why empathy is often overlooked in digital experiences, how to design for empathy and the benefits that can be gained when customers feel heard and understood.

Access the report to learn best practices and actionable tips to design for empathy.

This report shares:

  • checkmarkTips backed by research and supported by examples from brands like Mastercard, Commonwealth Bank of Australia and Panera Bread.
  • checkmarkAn investigation into different reasons why empathy is often overlooked when designing and delivering digital experiences.
  • checkmarkActionable steps for brands looking to bolster customer trust and loyalty by designing for empathy.

"Most conversations on empathy revolve around person-to-person experiences (e.g., customer service calls), but digital experiences are an integral part of almost all customer interactions, and companies that ignore empathy in digital experiences put customer trust and loyalty at risk."

Forrester, Five Best Practices To Design For Empathy In Digital Experiences, February 2024

Three reasons to read this report

  1. 1

    Your competition might not be seizing the empathy opportunity

    According to Forrester, "Many brands struggle to reflect customer understanding in the experiences they create and miss out on opportunities to make customers feel heard and understood." By seizing the empathy opportunity, you can distance yourself from the pack.

  2. 2

    Empathy builds emotional connections

    You may be measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of your customer experience, but you can't forget about its emotional quality. If you make your customers feel good, you'll engender loyalty.

  3. 3

    There are questions you should be asking

    In figuring out how to embed empathy into your digital experiences, there's no shortage of questions you need to ask within your organization. Forrester includes a list of important questions.

If you don't prioritize empathy, customers won't perceive it

Empathetic digital experiences go beyond meeting customer needs to demonstrate emotional connection and a deep understanding. Empathy is not just a buzzword, it's a fundamental concept that must be kept in mind while designing and delivering digital experiences.

Graphic from the Forrester report: Five Best Practices To Design For Empathy In Digital Experiences. The graphic illustrates that for empathy to be perceived by customers, brands must design for empathy.

Make your customers feel heard

Get the Forrester report on designing for empathy in digital experiences.


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