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Posted November 27, 2017

Getting personal: Leveraging the power of IoT and big data (with Strava)

(Previously recorded as Voxpro - powered by TELUS International) With IoT, things are getting personal. Connected devices, wearable tech, Radio frequency (RF) enabled technology – all of these innovations allow companies to build incredibly detailed profiles not just of customer segments, but of individuals. And in return, customers are getting a far more personalized experience than before. All of this means that IoT is helping to forge far stronger relationships between companies and customers.

Strava is a perfect example of this new CX dynamic at work. This company describes itself as the ‘World Social Network for Athletes’. By bringing together all of its members’ performance data into one hub, Strava has managed to place itself at the centre of a vast community of millions of passionate sportspeople. And that’s a very powerful place for a brand to be.

Mark Gainey, Strava’s co-founder and Chairman, chatted with us about how Big Data is rocket fuel for customer experience. He covers:

  • Collecting the performance data of tens of millions of sportspeople

  • How Strava recreates team camaraderie on a global level

  • Why the ‘get big fast’ attitude isn’t always the right attitude

  • The power of forming an emotional connection with your customers

  • How big data builds better cities

  • Will humans get tired of being tracked by every device?

  • Why he is a fan of Richard Branson

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