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  1. Model of a human pondering while looking at the word "AI" meant to symbolize consumer sentiment on generative AI training data

  2. Illustration of a smartphone, a credit card, coins and a shield with a lock icon, all meant to symbolize customer experience for banking and financial services brands

  3. An illustration of a person holding a magnifying glass looking at data.

  4. Illustration of a lock made out of microchips, meant to symbolize data security

  5. Person delivering a presentation, meant to symbolize explainable artificial intelligence

  6. Image of a number of lightbulbs, with the center lightbulb standing out in a different color to symbolize innovative ideas

  7. 3D illustration of an arrow that looks like an upward trend on a line chart

  8. Illustration of a person conducting music

  9. Illustration of a person with arms raised, suggesting uncertainty, and floating iconography meant to convey choices (different arrows and question marks).

  10. Illustration of a touch screen device depicting a person, as well as icons to convey healthcare customer service (including speech bubbles, check boxes, a clock and pill capsules)

  11. Illustration of a person speaking into a microphone with a smiling robot listening, meant to symbolize natural language processing

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