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  1. A group of people participate in design-thinking around a table topped with papers

  2. Cover image from the TELUS International 2023 Sustainability and ESG Report depicting a group of people holding their hands in a circle around an illustration of a globe

  3. Two photographs edited together; one features two people looking at a tablet, while the other features a number of people typing on keyboards

  4. Green and purple bar graph

  5. NelsonHall's NEAT Evaluation: Content Transformation overlaying a leafy plant.

  6. PDF cover of the 2022 Sustainability Report titled 'unlocking opportunity" with small green fern in background

  7. Preview image of Everest Group 2023 PEAK Matrix for Trust and Safety Providers

  8. An illustrated representation of customer profiles and leaving a five-star review online.

  9. Everest Group's PEAK Matrix assessment overlaying a leafy plant.

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