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  1. Photograph of team members collaborating with the "TELUS" logo in the background

  2. Three cars on road with labeling boxes around them

  3. An illustration showing various digital automation technologies for banking including, artificial intelligence, mobile payments, chatbots and data analytics.

  4. A group of people working around a desk in a meeting room.

  5. Three team members looking at a tablet and smiling.

  6. An animated depiction of facial recognition, natural language processing and autonomous vehicles.

  7. A circular graphic depicting all of the features of TELUS International's Trust and Safety Solutions. Listed is: Content moderation, fraud prevention, Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering, identity verification, eCommerce protection, collections, agent compliance, community management, user safety, ad moderation and localized compliance.

  8. Two employees smiling sitting in front of a laptop computer.

  9. An illustration of a robot performing automated tasks within a data center.

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