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An illustration showing various digital automation technologies for banking including, artificial intelligence, mobile payments, chatbots and data analytics.

  1. Image of two smartphones and an arc of coins in various currencies flowing between them

  2. Two people facing a laptop screen and smiling, with one of them holding a credit card

  3. A piggy bank falling into a robot hand

  4. Illustration of a money tree, meant to symbolize banking

  5. Illustration of a safe and money

  6. Illustration of person and various items meant to convey buy now, pay later services

  7. Illustration of a masked person looking at a computer, with surrounding nodes meant to symbolize AI

  8. Hand-drawn minimalist illustration of a handshake

  9. Four customer service agents with headsets looking at computer monitors

  10. Person scrolling through financial information on mobile phone with laptop in the background

  11. Mobile phone and bank card with an interface overlay to conceptualize mobile finance

  12. Collage of four people posing with phones and a laptop; superimposed graphs symbolizing finance

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