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RPO for strategic hiring and sourcing

The competition for talent is fierce. A strong workforce is what sets brands apart from their industry peers and developing a winning talent acquisition strategy can make all the difference to an organization’s success.

Finding a trusted partner in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) can help shape and bring a recruitment strategy to life. Learn how TELUS International empowered a client for growth with rapid scaling.

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days to start sourcing appropriate leads

candidates received per month on average

cost savings compared to a traditional HR agency

The recruitment challenge

A global high-tech client came to TELUS International to onboard approximately 70 new team members with development skills in Cloud and Big Data. The client needed to ramp up quickly as they were severely understaffed and, as a result, was experiencing a decrease in profit. They did not have a strong sourcing strategy and their existing job postings were not seeing much traction. Further, they did not have funds to reach out to a traditional HR agency to help them fill the vacancies.

The TELUS International solution

TELUS International conducted an in-depth analysis of the job profile, as well as research on the competitors in the marketplace. This included interviewing current team members and assessing their skills. The research found that the original job listing was asking for more skills than what was actually needed, and further industry research demonstrated that the pay associated with the job was not appropriate. With these findings, recommendations were made to refine the job description and align on more appropriate salary expectations.

The research also consisted of analyzing where Cloud and Big Data developers in the area would look for job postings and then strategically sharing them on those sites, as well as attending hiring events and working on the personal branding of the recruiters, many who have IT qualifications themselves, to attract prospective candidates

A flow chart explaining the process of the TELUS International RPO team. Step 1: Job description sent to TELUS International from client. Step 2: TELUS International's RPO team analyzes job profile including skill set, work experience and benefits. Step 3: TELUS International sends feedback to the client to update the profile. Step 4: TELUS International researches the best opportunities to source candidates. Step 5: Talent acquisition begins to source candidates via the most appropriate hiring events, social media channels and job boards. Step 6: Over 160 applications are received per month.

Finding success through changes to the recruitment strategy

Through a revised job profile and the strategic placement of job postings, it took 15 days for TELUS International to start sourcing appropriate leads. TELUS International was able to fulfill the client’s hiring requirements and received an average of 160 candidates a month.

More space was even needed to accommodate the growing workforce. And finally, the client saved up to 70% of what they would have paid to a traditional HR agency.

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