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Delivering an efficient and cost-effective talent sourcing solution for a world-leading communications technology brand

Organizations are facing increasingly competitive conditions when it comes to sourcing high-quality talent. Learn more about how TELUS International helped a world-leading communications technology brand develop an effective talent acquisition strategy.

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savings compared to a traditional HR agency

reduction in time to hire

The challenge

The popular communications technology company was facing severe staffing shortages that were negatively impacting its bottom line and its existing job postings were not generating results.

The client engaged TELUS International’s talent acquisitions team to enhance their sourcing strategy and aid in filling vacancies for technology professionals within its healthcare, ecommerce, cybersecurity and sales business units.

The TELUS International solution

Our talent acquisition experts conducted an in-depth analysis of the client’s sourcing strategy to identify gaps and opportunities in their job profiles. As part of this process, the team conducted market research to understand the competitive landscape, as well as the ideal job posting sites to attract high-quality candidates matching the profile requirements.

Recruiters were assigned to each of the business units. Utilizing the market research, job postings were strategically shared in locations that were found to have the highest concentration of ideal applicants. These measures allowed for a broader reach and augmented the visibility of the job vacancies.


With TELUS International as its trusted recruitment process outsourcing partner, the client was able to implement an agile remote talent sourcing strategy. Thanks to our recruiters’ research, analysis and expertise, it took less than seven days for our team to start sourcing appropriate leads.

TELUS International was able to fulfill the client’s sourcing requirements by 110% with high-quality candidates and reduced its time to hire (TtH) from 50-60 days to 45 days. Additionally, the client saved up to 60% of the costs it would have incurred with a traditional human resource agency by selecting us as its talent acquisition partner.

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