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How can brands leverage innovation to recruit top-tier talent?

Posted July 31, 2023
Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring an illustrated character holding a telescope looking to find talent.

On this episode, we discuss talent recruitment in a competitive job market — and the ways brands can innovate to stand out. Listen for the compelling perspectives of Tricia Williams, director, research, evaluation and knowledge mobilization at Future Skills Centre, and Pamela Rodas, senior director, global talent acquisition at TELUS International.

It's the right time to ask: How can brands leverage innovation to recruit top-tier talent? The job market is changing at a faster pace than ever, and to keep up, brands need to continually recalibrate their recruitment processes to ensure they're attracting top candidates. A shift in strategy and the leveraging of technology and automation can help companies position themselves as employers of choice.

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