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3D illustration of an arrow that looks like an upward trend on a line chart

  1. Model of a human pondering while looking at the word "AI" meant to symbolize consumer sentiment on generative AI training data

  2. Person delivering a presentation, meant to symbolize explainable artificial intelligence

  3. Illustration of a person with arms raised, suggesting uncertainty, and floating iconography meant to convey choices (different arrows and question marks).

  4. Illustration of a person speaking into a microphone with a smiling robot listening, meant to symbolize natural language processing

  5. Illustration showing lines separating into strands and becoming increasingly separated, meant to symbolize machine learning model drift

  6. Data visualization meant to convey key metrics in data annotation

  7. Single line drawing of the side profile of a head and the term "AI" imposed on a wavy background connoting hallucination

  8. Illustration of friendly robots and smart phones displaying iconography of humans, arrows and support agents, all meant to symbolize generative AI transparency and trust.

  9. Illustration of a human face made up of various data points and graphical elements

  10. Illustration of connected dots, meant to represent governance in AI data collection.

  11. Illustration of person using smartphone, with floating speech bubbles symbolizing a conversation with a chatbot

  12. Illustration of two blocks of text running through an icon of a robot, meant to symbolize generative AI