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  1. Robotic hand interacting with an interface meant to represent artificial intelligence

  2. Autonomous technology working in a garden

  3. Photo of a person driving a car with the car's GPS system in view

  4. Illustration of numerous people making the "Break the Bias" gesture

  5. A variety of men and women walking up a set of stairs in a public space. Each man has a yellow bounding box around them, with the label "Male" and each woman has a blue bounding box around them, with the label "Female."

  6. Hundreds of brightly colored lines on a black background. On the left of the image the colored lines are mixed together. In the middle of the image you can see the lines twisting and beginning to sort themselves into specific colors. On the right of the image, all lines are grouped together by color.

  7. A large checkmark overlaid on binary code.

  8. Video annotation of cars driving

  9. A city street which includes tall buildings, cars, streetlights and pedestrians. Each object is colored differently to represent instance segmentation for autonomous vehicles.

  10. Illustration of person drawing a route through a maze, meant to symbolize decision-making

  11. Illustration of a robot (symbolizing AI), scales (symbolizing law and justice), and a clipboard (symbolizing regulation)

  12. Man on computer