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3D illustration of various symbols conveying online security, including a finger print and a shield

  1. Vault in the shape of a cloud meant to symbolize unlocking the full value of the cloud

  2. Illustration of a document and folder positioned on a cloud

  3. Illustration of laptop computer with book pages coming out of it, and various labeled icons in the background, meant to symbolize a knowledge base

  4. Illustration of smartphone, gears and a robotic arm holding a magnifying glass over a bug; meant to symbolize quality assurance

  5. Illustration of IT service desk equipment, including: a keyboard, a headset and a notebook

  6. Colorful datapoints forming the shape of a human face

  7. 3D illustration of a user interface depicting various graphs, accompanied by a cloud symbolizing cloud technology

  8. Cloud icon with supporting elements meant to convey cloud technology

  9. Illustration of a data center and a cloud, meant to symbolize disaster recovery approaches

  10. 3D technology grid featuring a charted path and location pins

  11. Blue arrows on a black background representing Robotic Process Automation and hyperautomation.

  12. IT modernization

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