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Single line drawing of the side profile of a head and the term "AI" imposed on a wavy background connoting hallucination

  1. Illustration of a person conducting music

  2. Illustration of a person, a measuring tape and a flag, meant to symbolize measurement and goals in CX

  3. Photograph of Cape Town, South Africa at night

  4. Image of two smartphones and an arc of coins in various currencies flowing between them

  5. Two people having a conversation, framed by smartphones, meant to symbolize a video call for customer service

  6. Illustration of two people shaking hands and two overlapping squares

  7. Illustration of electronic tablet displaying various accessibility settings

  8. Illustration of a pile of question marks, with one standing out in colour

  9. video game controllers

  10. 3D illustration of various symbols conveying online security, including a finger print and a shield

  11. Illustration of a hand holding a magnet on a laptop screen attracting people on their phones, meant to symbolize eCommerce pull marketing

  12. Illustration of two hands connecting puzzle pieces