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  1. An illustration of a human and an artificial intelligence chatbot sitting together on top of a brain working on a computer towards a common goal. The partnership demonstrates the concept of augmented intelligence.

  2. A 3D depiction of the number 22 on a purple background

  3. Podcaster in studio with a sign that reads "ON AIR"

  4. Person walking on street holding coffee and smart phone with emojis floating around it

  5. Two models of human faces looking at one another

  6. Two people holding a tablet up to a room with a representation of furniture in augmented reality.

  7. Person typing on laptop with graphics symbolizing security

  8. Robot and humans positioned on a laptop computer with robot shaking a person's hand and other people working on laptops

  9. Cartoon of woman holding mobile phone in front of floating artwork and a stack of coins marked "NFT"

  10. Person scrolling through financial information on mobile phone with laptop in the background

  11. Mobile phone and bank card with an interface overlay to conceptualize mobile finance

  12. mobile payments future