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customer considering her options with questions marks around her head

  1. Illustration of a person playing video games on a desktop computer in a bedroom

  2. Photo of TELUS International team members in an office setting, gathered around laptop computers and taking written notes

  3. Grid displaying six different 3D avatars of different individuals

  4. Chairs and a search bar, with one chair highlighted, meant to symbolize recruiting and hiring

  5. Illustration of various symbols representing corporate social responsibility

  6. Illustration of person multitasking

  7. Illustration of humans and robots working together to piece together a puzzle

  8. Illustration of two people conversing over video conferencing technology

  9. Illustration of person working remotely on a laptop, with a phone, notepad, tea, lamp and plant nearby

  10. Video meeting depicting a coach providing an explanation to a listener taking notes

  11. Three people high-fiving while in front of computers

  12. Gamer mental health