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3D illustration of various symbols conveying online security, including a finger print and a shield

  1. Illustration of laptop depicting a user profile, as well as some additional iconography like a shield and lock to convey safety

  2. Illustration of a robot and human working together, symbolizing the future of content moderation

  3. Illustration of books, a scale, a person and various other items meant to symbolize content moderation regulation and legislation

  4. Illustration of a person speaking to a therapist or counsellor

  5. Data scientist observing connected data overlaid onto the profile of a human head

  6. Illustration symbolizing the evolving nature of user generated content, featuring a megaphone emitting numerous types of media

  7. Illustration of a safe and money

  8. Shark fins rising out of a phone screen, meant to symbolize fraud in eCommerce

  9. Two smart phones exchanging NFTs

  10. 3D illustration of person wearing virtual reality headwear floating in a digital space

  11. Person in front of a camera with an open box of clothing

  12. Person using smart phone; effects applied to her face to represent facial recognition

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