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  1. Illustration of a person speaking to a therapist or counsellor

  2. Data scientist observing connected data overlaid onto the profile of a human head

  3. Illustration symbolizing the evolving nature of user generated content, featuring a megaphone emitting numerous types of media

  4. IDC Info Snapshot - content moderation feature image

  5. 3D illustration of person wearing virtual reality headwear floating in a digital space

  6. A circular graphic depicting all of the features of TELUS International's Trust and Safety Solutions. Listed is: Content moderation, fraud prevention, Know Your Customer, anti-money laundering, identity verification, eCommerce protection, collections, agent compliance, community management, user safety, ad moderation and localized compliance.

  7. Person holding phone that displays an online review interface; floating images of reviews

  8. Person with headphones looking to the right

  9. Trust, Safety & Security solutions brochure in front of a fern.

  10. Preview image for content moderation case study

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