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  1. Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring the episode title "How can brands keep up with algospeak?" and two illustrated characters using phones

  2. Illustration of a paper map of the world with pins in various locations

  3. Preview image of Everest Group 2023 PEAK Matrix for Trust and Safety Providers

  4. An illustration of various people creating user generated content on their phones.

  5. Illustration of laptop depicting a user profile, as well as some additional iconography like a shield and lock to convey safety

  6. Illustration of a robot and human working together, symbolizing the future of content moderation

  7. Illustration of books, a scale, a person and various other items meant to symbolize content moderation regulation and legislation

  8. Illustration of a person speaking to a therapist or counsellor

  9. Data scientist observing connected data overlaid onto the profile of a human head

  10. Illustration symbolizing the evolving nature of user generated content, featuring a megaphone emitting numerous types of media

  11. IDC Info Snapshot - content moderation feature image

  12. 3D illustration of person wearing virtual reality headwear floating in a digital space

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