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  1. Illustration of a human hand and a robot hand giving a high five, as well as icons to convey online content and a web browser, all symbolizing content moderation and generative AI

  2. An illustration showing various people enacting content moderation on a website and mobile phone.

  3. Image of several people huddled around a gaming computer with floating icons like a controller
    Case Study

  4. Airplane leaving a trail of five stars, meant to symbolize positive customer experiences in the travel and hospitality industry

  5. Person celebrating with their arms raised while sitting in front of a computer for gaming
    Case Study

  6. NelsonHall's NEAT Evaluation: Content Transformation overlaying a leafy plant.
    Research & Reports

  7. Illustration of a person sitting in front of a computer, wearing headphones and ready to offer player support

  8. Episode cover image for Questions for now, a TELUS International podcast, featuring two illustrated characters using phones

  9. Illustration of a paper map of the world with pins in various locations

  10. Preview image of Everest Group 2023 PEAK Matrix for Trust and Safety Providers
    Research & Reports

  11. An illustration of various people creating user generated content on their phones.

  12. Illustration of laptop depicting a user profile, as well as some additional iconography like a shield and lock to convey safety

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